Gordon, Brill and Long Discuss Zuckert’s Keynote

Jill Gordon, Sara Brill and I gathered after the keynote address given by Catherine Zuckert at this year’s Ancient Philosophy Society meeting at Michigan State to discuss the lecture entitled, “Two Paradigms of Philosophy: Socrates and Timeaus.”

Catherine Zuckert has recently published an extensive study of the dialogues entitled Plato’s Philosophers: The Coherence of the Dialogues with the University of Chicago Press.  In that text, she offers a reading of the dialogues in accordance with the chronological order of the drama they articulate.

We also talked about the Ancient Philosophy Society in general and continued our ongoing discussion of the meaning and nature of Plato’s writing.

Digital Dialogue 33: Brill, Gordon and Long on Zuckert’s Keynote at APS 2010

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