APS at SPEP Speakers

2014 – New Orleans, LA

  • Jacob Howland, University of Tulsa “A Shimmering Socrates: Eros and Anxiety in Kierkegaard’s Platonic Authorship”
  • Sara Brill, Fairfield University “Beyond Zōē and Bios: On the Concept of Shared Life in Aristotle’s Ethics”

2013 – Eugene, OR

  • Marina McCoy, Boston College “Re-imagining the Platonic Imagination”
  • Sean Kirkland, DePaul University “Aristotle on Temporality”

2012 – Rochester, NY

  • Claudia Baracchi, Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca “The Life and the Name: On Plato’s Timaeus,”
  • Silvia Benso, Rochester Institute of Technology “Recovering Socrates’ Love of the World,”

2011 – Philadelphia, PA

  • Jill Gordon, Colby College “Eros and Nostos in Plato’s Phaedo
  • Walter Brogan, Villanova University “Pathos and Logos: The Place of Virtue and Affect in Aristotle‟s Ontology of Human Being”

2010 – Montreal, Canada

  • Francisco Gonzalez, University of Ottawa, “What’s in a Moment? Time for Aristotle (and Heidegger)”
  • Marguerite Deslauriers, McGill University “Sexual Difference and Divine Being in Plato’s Statesman and Symposium”

2009 – Arlington, VA

  • Dennis Schmidt, The Pennsylvania State University, “Telling the Truth: Homer, Plato and Heidegger”
  • Rose Cherubin, George Mason University, “Parmenides: Another Way”

2008 – Pittsburgh, PA

  • John McCumber, UCLA, “Infinite Life vs. fundementum Inconcussum: Ennead II.7 (“On Time and Eternity”)”
  • Arlene Saxonhouse, University of Michigan, “Socrates and Tyranny”

2007 – Chicago, Illinois

  • Paul Woodruff, University of Texas, Austin, “Plato’s Work on Forms in Ethics”
  • William McNeill, DePaul University, “In Force of Language: Language and Desire in Heidegger’s Reading of Aristotle’s Metaphysics Theta”

2006 – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  • Alexander Nehamas , Princeton University, “‘Only in the Court of Beauty Is Human Life Worth Living’ (Plato Symposium 211D)”
  • Lawrence Hatab ,Old Dominion University, “Before Good and Evil: Tragic Values in Greek Poetry”

2005 – Salt Lake City, Utah

  • Ruby Blondell, University of Washington, “Where is Sokrates on the ‘Ladder of Love’?”
  • Peter Warnek, University of Oregon, “What, then, is up to us? Tragic nature in the eph’ hemin of Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics

2004 – Memphis, Tennessee

2003 – Boston, Massachusetts

  • Charles Griswold, “Erotic Fantasies: Plato on Reconciliation With Imperfection”
  • Jill Gordon, Colby College, “Eros in the Timaeus, or Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places?”

2002 – Loyola University of Chicago

  • Walter Brogan, Villanova University, “E-Motion and the Heart of Being: Plato’s Symposium
  • Ronna Burger, Tulane University, “The Psychology of Thymos

2001 – Goucher College, Maryland

  • Drew Hyland, Trinity College, “Against a Platonic ‘Theory of Forms'”
  • Michael Nass, DePaul University, “Cyrus and Socrates: Parallel Lives of Virtue”

2000 – Pennsylvania State University

  • Mitchell Miller, Vassar College, “Stages On Plato’s Longer Way”
  • John Sallis, Pennsylvania State University, “Speaking of the Earth: Figures of Transport in Plato’s Phaedo”

1999 – University of Oregon

  • Claudia Baracchi, New School University, “Psychomachia: The Revolution of Platonic Dialogue”
  • Burt Hopkins, Seattle University, “Image and Original, The Dialectic of the Same and Other, and the Good in Plato’s Dialogues”
  • David Roochnik, Boston University, “The Wonder of Self-Identity in Plato’s Theaetetus”