About the APS

The Ancient Philosophy Society was established to provide a forum for diverse scholarship on ancient Greek and Roman texts. Honoring the richness of the American and European philosophical traditions, the Ancient Philosophy Society supports phenomenological, postmodern, Anglo-American, Straussian, Tübingen School, hermeneutic, psychoanalytic, queer, and feminist interpretations of ancient Greek and Roman philosophical and literary works.

It is the intention that, within the larger aim of assessing the meaning and significance of ancient texts, the Ancient Philosophy Society serve as the site of critical engagement among these various schools of interpretation and that it encourage creative and rigorous independent readings.


Ryan Drake – Fairfield University
Emanuela Bianchi – New York University

Robert Metcalf – University of Colorado Denver

William Koch – New York City College of Technology

At-Large Committee Members
Michael Shaw, Utah Valley University
Marina McCoy, Boston College

Executive Committee Members

Shane Ewegen – Trinity College (Future Host)
Marta Jimenez – Emory University (Current Host)
Jeremy Bell – Emory University (Current Host)
Anne-Marie Schultz – Baylor University (Past Host)

Past Co-Directors

Anne-Marie Schultz, Baylor University (2013-2016)
Robert Metcalf, University of Colorado at Denver (2012-2014)
Sara Brill, Fairfield University (2011-2013)
Sean Kirkland, DePaul University (2010-2012)
Martha Woodruff, Middlebury (2009-2011)
Christopher Long, Penn State University (2008-2010)
Jill Gordon, Colby College (2004-2009)
Walter Brogan, Villanova University (2003-2008)

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  1. Hello, I’m a scholar of early Christianity trying to trace the idea of ‘mental pregnancy’ from the Symposium and Theaetetus up to the 4th cent. CE. Does anyone know anything about the history of that metaphor? Thanks! Kate

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