2009 APS Conference Thanks

2009 Banquet

2009 Banquet

Many thanks to all who attended, supported and participated in the 2009 Ancient Philosophy Society conference at Loyola College in Maryland.

Gary Scott and his wife Hilde were very generous hosts and we had a very productive and inspiring conference.

As we begin to turn our attention to our 10th Annual Conference to be held at Michigan State, April 22nd to the 25th, 2010, I thought it important to pause to reflect upon the wonderful community of scholars we have actively participating in the Society.

Once again this year, I found myself grateful for the spirit of dedicated philosophical dialogue and friendship that animated our gathering.

The Excutive Committee thanks all who participated this year and who continue to support the Society.  We look forward to our SPEP session on October 29th at the Marriot Key Bridge Hotel in Arlington, Virginia and then, of course, to our 10th Annual Independent Meeting at Michigan State.

3 thoughts on “2009 APS Conference Thanks”

  1. When I see the title “Ancient Philosophy Society” on this page I have a very intereting thought…….Obviously, by “Ancient Philosophy” you are refering to Ancient Greek Philosophy only…. I am wondering, back to more than 2000 years ago, if Aristotle of ancient Greece and Lao Tsu of ancient China knew each other at that time, would they admire each other’s wisdom? I am kind of feeling that they would even though the ways they were looking at world were quite different, which was also because they did not know what the other person was thinking……

    Isn’t the fundamental meaning of “philosophy” the love or pursue of wisdom?….If it is so then I am quite sure Aristotle and Lao Tsu would love the wisdom of the other party………

  2. The APS conference was great! Thank you for doing such a good job at organizing.

  3. @Ron Dai I appreciate your point here, Ron. I don’t think the Society means to suggest that Greek philosophy is the only ancient philosophy. The APS grew out of a tradition of scholarship rooted in the history of Western philosophy and remains largely focused on that tradition.

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