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  • Central APA Call for Papers

    Ancient Philosophy Society member Adriel Trott is on the program committee for the 2018 meeting of the Central APA in Chicago and would like to encourage members of this society to submit their work. There will also be a panel with APS members Sean Kirkland (DePaul), Jeremy Bell (Georgia Southern) and Gina Zavota (Kent State) on Continental Engagements with Ancient Philosophy. Papers can be submitted at:

  • APS 2017 Program And Travel Information

    The program for the 2017 meeting of the Ancient Philosophy Society at Baylor University in Waco Texas is now available. APS Final Schedule The Ancient Philosophy Society is fast approaching.  We are very much looking forward to the conference.  Here is some basic travel information. The conference hotel is the Waco Hilton.  Most sessions will be held at the Hilton.  Two evening sessions are on the Baylor Campus.  Transportation will be provided to those events . . . Read More

  • Spring 2017 Registration, Ancient Philosophy Society

    Dear  APS  enthusiasts, I am pleased to announce that conference and hotel registration is now open for APS 2017. I will send email notifications out about program submissions by the end of the week. Please feel free to contact me  with any questions at I look forward to seeing you all at Baylor this Spring. Anne-Marie Schultz Local Arrangements Chair, APS 2017

  • Plotinus, Ennead II.9. Against the Gnostics. Translation, With an Introduction and Commentary

    How was the universe created, and what is our place within it? These are the questions at the heart of Plotinus’ Against the Gnostics. For the Gnostics, the universe came into being as a result of the soul’s fall from intelligible reality—it is the evil outcome of a botched creation. Plotinus challenges this narrative and insists that the soul’s creation of the world is the necessary consequence of its contemplation of the ideal forms. While . . . Read More

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