The 2011 Meeting of the Ancient Philosophy Society
The 2010 Meeting of the Ancient Philosophy Society
Sallis Asks a Question of Gary Gurtler
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  • APS 2016 Call for Papers

    Ancient Philosophy Society
    Sixteenth Annual Independent Meeting
    28 April-1 May, 2016 in Portland, Maine
    Co-sponsored by Colby College and the Ancient Philosophy Society

  • The Ancient Philosophy Society at SPEP 2015

    This year, the Ancient Philosophy Society is proud to be hosting two distinguished speakers at our satellite meeting in conjunction with the annual meeting of the Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy in Atlanta on Thursday, October 8th from 9:00am to 12:00pm. Michael Naas DePaul University “Plato, Plotinus, and the Invention of Life” Naas is author of The End of the World and Other Teachable Moments Kalliopi Nikolopoulou University at Buffalo “Reflections on Tragedy for . . . Read More

  • 11111 Philosophy in the Hellenistic and Roman Worlds

    Releasing this September! Peter Adamson’s History of Philosophy without any gaps series of podcasts is one of the most ambitious educational works on the web. It aims to do nothing less than take listeners through the entire history of philosophy ‘without any gaps’. It assumes no prior knowledge making it ideal for beginners. This is the second volume to make these witty, and highly accessible, podcasts available in book form. Philosophy in the Hellenistic and . . . Read More

  • Layout 1 Platonic Production: Theme and Variations

    “Platonic Production” presents Prof. Stanley Rosen’s Etienne Gilson Lectures, delivered at the Institut Catholique de Paris and now available in English for first time. His lectures draw Heidegger and Plato into a conversation around a basic philosophical question: Does the acquisition of truth resemble discovery or production? While Rosen undertakes a close examination of Heidegger’s engagement with Plato, exposing some ways in which that engagement constitutes a misreading, the goals of his study are not . . . Read More

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