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Biological Perspectives on Political Animals in Aristotle

A colloquium on « Biological Perspectives on Political Animals in Aristotle » will be held at the Galatasaray University (Istanbul) on April 29-30, 2013. This event is organized through the collaboration of the Galatasaray University, the UPR 76 of CNRS (Paris) and the University of Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne.

The program of the colloquium can be viewed at: http://perspectivesbiologiques.wordpress.com/programme/

Other details of the colloquium can be reached from the same page.

Contact: refikg2001@yahoo.com<mailto:refikg2001@yahoo.com>

Please help us circulate this information.


Since the second half of the last century, there has been an increasing interest in Aristotle’s biological works. This interest has led to a “biological turn” in Aristotelian studies, which has resulted in a reevaluation of his theory of science and in a substitution of the question of classification with that of definition. Today, there is high quality literature on the relation between the Metaphysics, the Analytics, and Aristotle’s biological writings. The “biological turn” in Aristotelian studies has also created a similar effect on works on his Politics: every change in the theory of animals has produced a change in the theory of political animals. Researches in this domain prove to be very productive and show rapid development. This is why we believe that this is a favorable time for devoting a conference to the Politics, and for discussing the effects of the “biological turn” on the famous Aristotelian formula that “human being is a political animal by nature.”

Ӧmer Orhan Aygün (Galatasaray University)
Pinar Canevi (Boğaziçi University)
Johannes Fritsche (Boğaziçi University)
Annick Jaulin (University of Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne)
Manuel Knoll (Fatih University)
Jean-Louis Labarrière (CNRS Centre Léon Robin)
David Lefebvre (University of Paris Sorbonne – Centre Léon Robin)
Pierre-Marie Morel (ENS Lyon)
Pierre Pellegrin (CNRS)

Organization and Scientific Responsibility:

Ӧmer Orhan Aygün (Galatasaray University), Refik Güremen (Lecturer at Galatasaray University), Annick Jaulin (University Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne), Michel Narcy (Jean Pépin Center UPR76, CNRS)

Program for 2012 APS in San Francisco

Lombard Street, By Y6y6y6 at en.wikipedia

The 2012 Ancient Philosophy Society program is now available.

Download the 2012 APS Program.

We look forward to our time together in San Francisco.  Please be sure to complete your registration by April 1, 2012, when the early registration rate will expire.


If you still need to book a hotel, please visit the link below to all the relevant hotel information:


We look forward to seeing everyone at the conference.

APS 2012 Conference Registration Open

Downtown Cityscape San Francisco by davidyuweb via Flickr

We are very excited to welcome everyone to San Francisco for the 12th annual meeting of the Ancient Philosophy Society, April 19-22, 2012.

You are now invited to register for the conference by visiting our Conference Registration page with the Philosophy Documentation Center:


Please note that early registration is open until April 1, 2012, at which point the registration fee increases by $20 for both faculty and graduate students.  So register early!

For information about hotels, you can visit the post on 2012 APS Hotel Information:


We look forward to an excellent conference.

2012 APS Call for Papers

2012 APS CFP Poster

The twelfth annual meeting of the Ancient Philosophy Society will be held April 19-22, 2012 at the University of San Francisco.

Papers in English on any topic in Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy are welcome. In light of the vibrant political scene of the city of San Francisco, papers on the theme of the polis are particularly welcome.

There is a 3,000 word maximum for submissions, which should be prepared for blind review.  Before submitting your paper by email, please see the full guidelines for submissions to the 12th annual conference in April 2012.

Submit papers by email to:


The deadline for submissions is:

Tuesday, November 15, 2011.

We are proud to announce that the two keynote speakers for the 2012 conference will be:

Christof Rapp
Chair for Ancient Philosophy and Rhetoric
Ludwig-Maximillians-Universität Munich

Andrea Nightingale
Professor of Classics and Comparative Literature
Stanford University

The 11th Annual Ancient Philosophy Society Conference

Mt. Timpanogos during the APS11 Conference by cplong11 via Flickr

The 11th annual meeting of the Ancient Philosophy Society at Sundance, Utah was a great success.  Thanks to the generous hosting institution, Utah Valley University, and to Michael Shaw and the UVU Honors program, the Ancient Philosophy Society gathered together for a full and philosophically rich five days in Utah’s Wasatch mountain range.

The APS Facebook page as a number of links to blog posts, images and other resources related to the conference, but I thought I would gather a few resources here as well.  I invite others who have written about or posted artifacts surrounding our 11th annual conference to link to those resources here in the comments section.

I have also embedded a slideshow with some of the pictures posted to Flickr of the event:

2011 APS Conference Information

Panoramic of Mount Timpanogo

Mt. Timpanogos by CodyHatch @ Flickr via CC

We are all ready for our 11th Annual gathering April 13-17, 2011 at Sundance in Utah, hosted by Michael Shaw and all the good people at Utah Valley University.

Here you will find all the information related to the conference, which is set to be one of our biggest on record.

You may download, view and print a PDF version of the 2011 Ancient Philosophy Society Program here.

As always, you can register for the conference through the Ancient Philosophy Society Conference Registration page hosted by the Philosophy Documentation Center.  Register as soon as possible, but definitely before March 20th, 2011, after which a late registration will be assessed.

For lodging reservations at the Sundance Resort, please contact Tiffany Nez, the UVU Honors Program Coordinator at:

(Monday through Friday, 9:00am-5:00pm)

For more information about the Sundance Resort where the conference will be held, visit: www.sundanceresort.com.

For those participating in and following the event on Twitter and Flickr, we will use the #APS11 hash tag.  Follow us on Twitter @ancientphil and on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/AncientPhilosophySociety

2011 APS Conference Program and Registration Coming Soon

For everyone waiting for the official 2011 APS program and information about the conference registration, we are finalizing the details of both this week. We had to wait for the Sundance Film Festival to end before we could finalize the cost of registration and the lodging information.

Keep your eyes on the blog at the end of the week for the program and registration information.

2011 Call for Papers

2011 Call for Papers (pdf)

The eleventh annual meeting of the Ancient Philosophy Society will be held April 14-17, 2011 at the Sundance Resort, Sundance, Utah, and hosted by Utah Valley University.

Papers in English on any topic in ancient Greek and Roman philosophy are invited: 3,000-word maximum to be prepared for blind review.

Submission Deadline is: Monday 15 November 2010.

Inquiries and submissions should be directed to:


To ensure a fair and efficient review process, please carefully review and follow the APS Call for Papers 2011 Guidelines.

We are proud to announce that the two keynote speakers for the 2011 conference will be:

Martha Nussbaum
Ernst Freund Distinguished
Service Professor of Law and Ethics,
University of Chicago

Walter Brogan
Professor of Philosophy,
Villanova University

APS Digital Community Update

I thought I would give everyone a few updates on things related to our digital community at the Ancient Philosophy Society as we begin to turn our attention to the upcoming conference at Michigan State.

First, I am very pleased to see that we have, as of this writing, 292 fans on the Ancient Philosophy Society Facebook page. I encourage all readers of this blog to join us on Facebook where not only posts from this blog appear, but also comments and posts from others writing on our wall can be found.  I would love to see a more dynamic conversation both here and there on the Facebook page.

In order to facilitate that, I would like to propose that we use the following twitter hash tag for the 2010 conference: #APS10.  You can follow my tweets about the conference at: http://www.twitter.com/cplong and I invite other members who use twitter to comment below with your twitter name and to use the #APS10 hash tag when you tweet something related to this year’s conference.

Also, I hope people will take pictures of the activities around the APS conference this year and post them on the Facebook page as well.  Those of you with Flickr accounts can also use the APS10 tag for your pictures if you post them so we can begin creating a collection of photos for the Society.

Finally, if there are members of the APS who would be interested in co-authoring this blog with me, please contact me at admin@ancientphilosophysociety.org.  I would love to see if we can generate some more content for this blog from members interested in posting things related to our work together on the ancient texts.

10th Annual APS Conference

The 2010 meeting of the Ancient Philosophy Society will take place at Michigan State University, April 22-25.

Advance Registration

Registration—at rates for APS members and non-members—includes the option of reserving copies of the advance proceedings ($25) and places at the annual banquet ($60).  The Local Arrangements Committee urges all potential attendees to register in advance so amounts will be accurate for food and beverages, receptions, etc.  Click here to register through the Philosophy Documentation Center.

The early registration deadline is March 25th, 2010.

Late/On-site Registration

Increased rates (+ $10 for individuals, + $5 for students) apply for late and on-site registrations.  The conference venue will be available from 12:00 noon for on-site registration on the first day of the conference, Thursday 22 April.  After 14 April, however, copies of the proceedings ($30) and reservations for the banquet ($75) cannot be guaranteed.  For information about late availability, contact the Local Arrangements Committee.

Program Information

The 2010 APS program is set and now available!

Conference Hotel & Meeting Venue

All conference sessions will take place in the Riverside Room of the Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center on the banks of the scenic Red Cedar River on the MSU campus.  For the conference rate of $90/night, single or double occupancy (+13% tax), mention the “Ancient Philosophy Society” when you phone Kellogg Center toll-free 1-800-875-5090. Rates guaranteed through March 22, 2010.

The Kellogg Center offers free wi-fi throughout, including guest rooms, free parking, and a free shuttle service by reservation (make arrangements when reserving your room).  The shuttle picks up/drops off at Lansing’s Capitol City Airport (LAN), the campus Amtrak station, and the East Lansing bus stop of the MichiganFlyer, which serves Detroit Metro Airport (DTW).

Because of a carrot and a stick, the Local Arrangements Committee urges you to make your reservations as early as possible.  The carrot: what we pay for use of the Riverside Room, $0-$500, is proportionate to the number of room-nights booked, and the more we save on the meeting room, the more we’ll have available for complementary food and beverages.  The stick: When the block of APS rooms is used up or the deadline passes, rooms revert to the undiscounted rate of $119-$189 per night.

Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center
Michigan State University
55 South Harrison Avenue
East Lansing, MI 48824-1022
phone:  (800) 875-5090 or (517) 432-4000

Travel to East Lansing and the Kellogg Hotel

By air: East Lansing is served by Lansing’s Capitol City Airport (LAN), to/from which the Kellogg Center operates a free shuttle for hotel guests; and by the Detroit Metro Airport (DTW), from which one can take the MichiganFlyer (by reservation) to its East Lansing stop, where the free Kellogg Center shuttle picks up/drops off.  Reserve the shuttle when making your hotel reservation.

By train: The East Lansing Amtrak station is located on the southwest corner of the Michigan State University campus and is served by the free Kellogg Center shuttle.  Reserve the shuttle when making your hotel reservation.

Driving directions: The Kellogg Center, 55 South Harrison Avenue, where all the sessions of the conference will be held, is located on the northwest corner of Michigan State University.  Complete directions for reaching the conference venue from all points, including links to a number of maps and more distant airports (from which one would rent a car), are available here.  Covered parking adjacent to the hotel is free for Kellogg Center guests.

Local Taxi: Green Cab, (517) 643-1905.  On the web: www.greencabcompany.net.