McCoy and Long in Digital Dialogue

Digital Dialogue

Digital Dialogue

Marina McCoy joined Christopher Long on the Digital Dialogue podcast to discuss the Protagoras and the transformative political possibilities endemic to the idea of sympathetic listening Marina outlines in her book, Plato on the Rhetoric of Philosophers and Sophists.

The Digital Dialogue podcast is part of a larger project Professor Long has undertaken to explore the possibilities social media offers philosophical scholarship.  His project, Socratic Politics in Digital Dialogue, has been awarded a summer faculty fellowship by the Pennsylvania State University’s Teaching and Learning with Technology.

The Digital Dialogue, which is available through iTunesU where you are encouraged to subscribe to receive future episodes, is produced in an attempt to thematize and cultivate the excellences associated with dialogue. It is available through iTunesU where you are encouraged to subscribe to receive future episodes.

Digital Dialogue 6 with Marina McCoy: Attentive Listening

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The Digital Dialogue podcast is produced in the spirit of the Socratic practice of politics which was committed to turning individuals in dialogue toward the question of the good, the just and the beautiful.