Digital Dialogue 34: Heidegger on Aristotle

Digital Dialogue 34
Originally uploaded by Christopher Long

Rob Metcalf, Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Colorado at Denver and graduate of the Pennsylvania State University’s Department of Philosophy, joins Christopher Long for episode 34 of the Digital Dialogue.

Rob’s work focuses on ancient philosophy, phenomenology, ethics, philosophy of religion and the history of philosophy.

We recorded this episode at Michigan State where we were attending the annual meeting of the Ancient Philosophy Society. Our discussion focused on his and Mark Tanzer’s recent translation of Heidegger’s 1924 lecture course entitled Basic Concepts of Aristotelian Philosophy.

Digital Dialogue 34: Metcalf on Heidegger’s reading of Aristotle

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One thought on “Digital Dialogue 34: Heidegger on Aristotle”

  1. I appreciate this blog, outside of the school setting it’s hard to get quality interactive philosophy.

    Jumping ahead to 1938-39 lectures about Verhaltenheit / restraint (apparently controlled wondering/controlled Socratic thaumazein) to get into the strangeness of the ordinary ( essence we can’t access because we are too much in existence?)? I am wondering how you see this final project in the context of his work and if you can point to anyone who has followed in this work, I am thinking maybe Adoro (with his negative dialectics)?

    Also I am wondering about existence (the that-ness of concrete signs?)/essence (“the what it is” essentia) – Is this kind of idea present in Plato?

    Logos as meaningful speech/consciousness(/intelligence?) is comparable to Cartesian transcendental subject?

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