ANIMUS Call for Papers on Greek Tragedy

The 2009 issue of Animus will be devoted to the theme of Greek Tragedy. In the Poetics, Aristotle remarks on the philosophical nature of tragedy, in part due to the fact that, like philosophy and unlike history, tragedy deals with universals. At its peak in fifth-century Athens, the performance of tragic drama was an important part of the polis’ religious life, and the dramas themselves often reflected religious and political concerns. The plays explore both theological questions about the relationship between the various gods, between the gods and humanity, and the relation of both humans and gods to the necessity of fate, as well as politico-ethical questions concerning the institutions of state and family, social roles (of foreigners, slaves, and women), the variety of possible ends or goods to be pursued, and virtues of character – in other words, the very questions that would come to be addressed in another form by philosophy.

Animus invites articles which address the literary, religious, political and philosophical meaning of Greek tragedy. We are especially interested in philosophical commentary on particular plays, but will also welcome studies on problems that occur or recur within particular plays. Since tragedy has maintained a lasting impact throughout various epochs of Western thought, we also invite submissions which explore the reception and interpretation of Greek tragedy in subsequent periods.

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Deadline for Submissions: May 01, 2009

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All submissions must be accompanied by an abstract, maximum length 100 words.